Trusting in my Savior

This particular song I penned it down when I saw my relationship with my Shepherd God was on a roller coaster. Whilst I was struggling with my pride and shyness to get back to Him!

One Sunday afternoon, I was sitting in the last row at G.A.N.G. youth meeting and my friend Pas. Emilina Francis (Alph) was describing Shepherd God from Psalm 23. It was a quite an interactive session though, she got some pictures of rod and staff on the screen and asked all of us to identify them and describe their significance.

While the folks who sat along with me were busy in explaining them; all of a sudden, I felt to trust this Shepherd God leaving all my shame and pride. And that’s the moment I got this inspiration to write this song and keep it as one of my mile posts or as a star in my life. 

The next day, at office I explained this song to Anurag, my buddy brother. He is loving friend and a colleague of mine, who loves to pull me, always there to inspire and encourage me in my difficult times. Yeah, he corrects me when I make mistakes. He and I sat for a few minutes and we both pulled out these lyrics. Here we go…

Trusting in my Savior
Trusting in my Shepherd

Take away my shame
I’m not the one to blame

Jesus you’re my hope
You will never let me go.

Trusting in my savior
Trusting in my shepherd

Leaving all my pride
Overcome the tide

Jesus you’re my love
You gimme grace from above.

Three bars of break down

Jesus you’re my hope
Jesus you’re my love.

Trusting in my savior
Trusting in my shepherd

Wash away my unbelief
Let faith be my firm belief

Jesus you’re my rock
And on you I will stand.


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