Journal of my business ideas

I see any problem  as a potential opportunity to create products to solve the problems! I believe in ‘Jugaad’ – an indigenous, agile and cohesive solution.

Electric bikes with bluetooth ‘locators’ will hit the Indian markets!!

Vertical bicycle liftPARKIS model.

Key words: Space saving, mechanical pulley, PBS

Power your house…with your urine? Sounds stupid but check the video showing the scope & stats on how to power a house with urine.

Power your house…with your urine? – on Aj+

Air pollution app India launches smartphone app to monitor New Delhi’s air pollution – why not for every city? Let’s take it to every city.

Transforming Trash (Plastic) to Fuel Syrians Turn Trash to Fuel in Aleppo – on Aj+

Man they create a device that corrects heart defects. Healing weavers!!  – on Aj+

So this airport left me a thought to create eco-friendly bus terminals in India. India’s second eco-friendly airport comes up at Vadodara