Links and Resources


Good websites are like good friends. ~AJ



Indian Goverment giving out so many competitions #opportunites here on Mygov website. Once can wisely use them.

Data – again a GoI website, sharing iformation related to many inudtries at one platform


Transit Oriented Development

One of the good website to read on TOD (Transit Oriented Development) which I have liked this year, thought of sharing this with you.

National Transport Library

NTL’s link to browse thousands of topics

Transport Research Board

Transportation for america

Creative Place Making – T4 America

To learn more about Sustainable Mobility – Made in Germany: German partnership for Sustainable Mobility


Rolling along: Bicycles, mobility, and the future of cities by Mickinsey

Reinventing the wheel by Harvard


A Citizen’s Guide to Better Streets by Project for Public Spaces

A Guide for the Decision Maker: Transportation Planning for Your Community by Ntational Transport Laboratory,  USA

Intelligent Transportation Systems Maintenance Plan Volume Two: Technical Appendices by Ntational Transport Laboratory,  USA

Handbook of Automated Data Collection Methods for the National Transit Database October 2003

50 Steps Toward Carbon-Free Transportation (RETHINKING U.S. TRANSPORTATION POLICY TO FIGHT GLOBAL WARMING) by Environment America Cente

Global outlook on WalkinG and CyClinG – UNEP by UNEP

Electronics and Communications in Urban Planning

Solar Light For A Portable Toilet

Planners Bookshelf – An amazing source from Eric Britton covering number of topics in Urban Planning