My Glorious

When life situations hits us hardly on our face; it is the confidence in God, will help us to keep going ahead.

Of late I red, Volkswagon has rigged the norms of emission standards in the US. The CEO of Volkswagon confessed the installation of the defect device which controls the emissions in the lab testing conditions, but on road the vehicles have emitted 40 times than norms. After all this, he resigned to his position. This whole news has reminded me the verse from Proverbs 6:31

But if he is caught, he must pay back seven times what he stole, even if he has to sell everything in his house. Proverbs 6:31 (NLT)

It actually humbled me and helped me to think
And then came these lines

You hold the Universe
With the power of your word

You’re my morning song
My righteous king, my glorious
I adore you. 

Lord I adore you.


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