Celebrate God – Celebrate His Creation

It was a youth Sunday here in the church I attend in Chandigarh. I was asked to preach that Sunday. I have shared the journey I was on to and i laid it the same here for you. Hope you find some interesting stuff down here. God bless.

Before I start sharing from today’s subject, let me share with you – with what attitude this morning I am standing here. The reason is when you know why I am doing what I am doing; it is easy for you to bring all your undivided attention.

Here it goes on why I am doing what I am doing:

It is the dusk and the American troops are engaged in the intense battle against their enemies on Afghanistan fields. The battle is so intense the American troops on the ground have lost many of their soldiers. Now back at the base camp, a few troop members are getting ready to go to the ground and support their brothers who are fighting against the enemies. All is set, the troops are about to leave. But the troop in-charge call for a quick briefing on the strategy which they are going to execute. He briefs about the enemy and the strategy to face their enemies. He then ends with a call – is everything is clear? They say yes sir. After this, the troop in-charge says a quick prayer and the troop go to fight their battles.

Bible tells we Christians are soldiers. We fight our own battles and the battles of the church as a corporate body of Christ.

People standing from this pulpit here brings the word/advise/direction/correction from this Institution of Commander-in-Chief-of the armies of the Heaven (the BIBLE).

Let say if we miss it or if we didn’t bother what the pastor or what this brother is trying to share. We effect our own battles and the battle of the church. This morning the word is coming from the Commander-in-Chief-of the armies of the Heaven. Don’t dare to miss it. All I need from you this morning is your undivided attention and your effort to imagine – “say imagine” imagine what you hear from my words. You can only bend down your heads to take down your notes.

He who has ears to hear say with me – I am ready with my full attention. Say with me –  I am ready with my full attention.

My subject for today is Celebrate God – Celebrate His Creation – so come with me to this journey.

Is there anyone in this room who has not seen a pet dog?

Well, we all have seen a pet dog. What he does when he sees his master reaching home?

He expresses all his love to his master. First thing, his face shines bright, he smiles, he waves his tail and express his affection. He jumps over him, he licks all his face. This is what we see when a pet dog sees its master coming home. YES?? He won’t think of his dignity or shame or things like someone out there is watching me.

My question to you this morning is – How are we behaving when we come to our Master’s house? What is our heart we when we come to our Fathers’ house?

The pet dog knows how to express its love and affection.

My friends you know why the pet express its love? Because it remembers/acknowledges His Master’s kindness, goodness, affection, how he/she fed him, how he/she pampered him, or how his master showed his/her love to him. He remembers and he celebrates when he sees His master.

How are we when we come to our Master’s house? What is our heart we when we come to our Fathers’ house? Are we acknowledging as our Master?  or do we have anything to learn from this pet?

We often miss celebrating our master with all our lives. Because we do not have an inclination towards the kind of God/Master/Healer/Commander-in-Chief-of the armies of Heaven whom we serve?

Hosea 4: 6 My People are destroyed for lack of knowledge of God.

Know your God, acknowledge Him. Every morning, the birds gets up and sings thanks to Him, the rivers acknowledges him. The Heavens roar with His Praise. Earth and all its fullness give glory to Him. The elders take out their crowns and says to God you are the King of Kings, worthy of all Glory. Know your God and celebrate him. The God before whom you sat this morning is the commander-in-chief-of the armies-of Heaven. He is the same yesterday, today and forever. Give Him what He deserve. Give Him the reverence.

Most of the time we don’t not freely lift our hands, clap or sing praises to God. I am not asking to change your life style. I am giving a call – let us change “our attitudes” towards our Master.      I am asking come let us renew our mind. Let us fill with the knowledge of God, whom we serve and let us give the due respect and due love what He deserves.

You may say something like this. Hey Brother, I already know who the God is, you don’t need to teach me. Oh yes, you’re right. Bible says, For God so loved the world and He gave his only begotten son. Love comes with Action. God is true to His side. What about you and me? Express your love to him with “sincere hearts”. Oh as the command of the Living God comes; I pray may the Lord open your eyes of understanding. May the Spirit of God convicts you this morning as we sing this song. Let us all stand.

Yeshu Masi Tera Jasi Koi Nahi.

Part-II Celebrate God – Celebrate His Creation.

In Genesis, Bible says God created man and woman in His image in His likeness and we humans bear His image. Those who accepted this good good Father bears His signature on their lives. If that is the case, how dare to you to bully or make fun of your fellow friends – Who bear this image of God and His signature.  How dare? The enemy is injecting the ways of the world and lies in Christendom and in our families. He is there to steal the principles of God and deceive God’s peoples with worldly ways.

(Story of Five friends – Paralyzed man)

Look Jesus – how he conducted himself with poor, weak and sinners. He spoke peace to the prostitute, He brought celebration to the sinners’ house. But He condemned the Hypocrites. My young friends sitting and listening to me; May you understand this morning the ways of this institution of the commander-in-chief-of the armies of heaven.

Let me talk to the men/women sitting and listening here – how do you talk or treat your partners or children?

The chair you see here is an object, it has no feelings – Your partners have spirit, they have feelings. They are humans, like you and me. Again I am asking – How do you talk or treat your partners or children in your homes? Is it grace, wisdom, knowledge and blessing on your lips? May you understand the ways of the institution of the commander-in-chief-of the armies of heaven.

The world out there comes up with its own ways and say look it is impossible to have grace on your lips, or impossible to celebrate your partner or your children. It’s a lie, it’s a way of the world. I believe this – It is the creator God who has created this Institution of marriage but we make mess having with lack of knowledge of this institution. People have entered marriage without learning this Institute’s principles and they face it.

Hosea 4: 6 My People are destroyed for having lack of knowledge of God.

Before I end. Let me leave one advice to the young people listening to me.

One of my friends taught me this – “Joe, how you treat your mother will decide how you treat a woman in public and how you treat your wife.”

Dear people of God give attention to this God whom we serve and His institutions and His ways. Don’t throw blame on anyone. Be Kind.

Let your words do damage control than adding more damage.

Let’s pray!


Mission 4:13 I can do all things

Today morning I was on my way to office, I have to catch my office bus from 35/36 bus stop. It is a 10 minute walk from where I put up. On my way to there I was praying to God and remembering the Rhema word He has given me that Sunday. It is – I can do all things through Christ, who gives me strength. Phil 4:13

I was in the church listening to the Pastor’s message and pondering on my responsibilities/goals. All of a sudden, I felt like, there are so many responsibilities/goals on my head. Like writing books on inspiration, being the teacher of the law of the Lord to young people around me, being a policy writer, innovator, entrepreneur, swimmer, body building, most importantly being Administrator of my own home and the city I am working in. I was troubled with thoughts like how I will justify my responsibilities. There came a gentle voice bringing up this verse to my heart says I can do all things through Christ, who gives me strength. And His hand is not slack to strengthen me to achieve these responsibilities/goals.

I like to spend on internalizing what God has revealed to me. One way to office, I know by singing it out, I will internalize it. That’s how these lines came out today. Funny thing is I was noting down the lyrics, didn’t check properly and I miss Wmy bus. But my co-travelers inform one of my friends who gets in the bus from next stop that I was checking continuously my phone. My friend, immediately calls me and intimate me that the bus had already left. Its an awkward moment for me but then I took a shared auto to work. Anyways I was so happy that I worked on this song, it’s been quite some time being and enjoying with the living waters. The song goes like this.

I can do all things through Christ
Who strengthens me (X2)
For His hand is not slack
Yesterday, today and
Forever, He strengthens me

Oh I sing
I can do all things through Christ
Who strengthens me (X2)
For His hand is not slack
Every day, noon and every night
I sing, I can do all things through Christ
Who strengthens me!

Yesterday, today and
Forever, I can do all things through Christ
Who strengthens me
Every day, noon and every night
I can do all things through Christ
Who strengthens me!


Like Never Before

Most of the Christendom know from where i have picked up this line. Yes, it is the same song “Bless the Lord, Oh my soul” written by Matt Redman.

Just wanted to leave a quick bite here. I heard it many times from many churches/youth groups singing these lines. I see people singing it the same way as it before not like never before. I mean there is nothing difference the way they sang the lines before and after these lines. I find it so mean. Yeah, it says – Sing like never before, oh my soul.

Let me remind you these words from the Bible

He put a new song in my mouth, a hymn of praise to our God. Many will see and fear the LORD and put their trust in him. – Psalm 40:3 NIV


I am the LORD your God, who brought you up out of Egypt. Open wide your mouth and I will fill it. Psalm 81: 10 NIV

The Lord our God can’t put a new song on your mouth when you aren’t open wide your mouth or not even tried for it. Please don’t fool God or don’t fool yourselves singing the lines – Sing like never before, Oh my soul – I worship your Holy Name but not meaning them.

See My Stars, these are the songs and tunes He put on my mouth when I had opened my mouth wide and sang it like never before.

Lets get it right!

Ability to make choice, specially which course to choose after 12th class/B.Tech, fear of communicating in English, and fear of expressing themselves are the issues I heard repeatedly from students  when I meet with them. I dealt these issues – using law of nature and my personal experiences.

Off late, I realised to give it a thought of writing about these issues, so next time after finishing my talk with students, I can suggest them to go back to this resource material. Hence here are my efforts.

1. Making Choices – It is about which course to choose; I totally agree with you man having this uncertainty about it. Don’t worry; let’s see how it goes here.

At first, let me ask you – what is it your goal? – may your answer is so and so………………… I mean in the end you want to see yourself as a successful man/woman. Is it right? So you have to make choices which will lead you to the pinnacle of success.

For this here you need to understand a few laws – especially take any profession or any field, what its ultimate purpose? Take any profession, it is nothing but benefiting to the society we live around, I mean to the people, improving their quality and dignity of life. Is it right? How much you will be at peace when you internalise this truth. Ignorance of this truth/lack of understanding this will lead us to have a miserable life.

So you have to connect to this truth or vision. This is the core thing; it’s about people: not about ourselves. We study, we work – we live lives here contributing to the society. My point is, you will live a miserable life, even after getting the course you like to be in but still end up not knowing the purpose of life. You have to align all your goals and desires to this truth/vision/purpose.

There is no this thing called one single path to reach out to this truth/vision. We live in a society changing dynamically, people and there choices are dynamic. Let me tell you what the Bible says – Whatever turns up, grab it and do it. And heartily! This is your last and only chance at it, For there’s neither work to do nor thoughts to think In the company of the dead, where you’re most certainly headed. (Ecclesiastes 9:10, MSG)

So do not stick to the age old thought, if I go like this I will be a successful person. Whatever is the course/work you may get in or you may be the course you’re already into it – do it with all your heart and strength. Success will follow after you.

We all know very well bout Wright brothers who invented Air plane. You know they are not from Aeronautics background; they did job-printing and published several short-lived local newspapers. They were having a press before inventing Air plane. (https://airandspace.si.edu/exhibitions/wright-brothers/online/who/1889/printers.cfm)

Micheal Farady, he worked in a book company in London with virtually no formal education but became a great inventor. There are so many like this.

Every time i met with students they asks me like this – will I be successful if I take this course? I tell them the story I had heard from a good friend of mine. He told me this when I had questions like this – He said, if you take any house – it has hall, kitchen, bed room, wash room etc. A house is complete when it has all of this. Let say, the wash room is the dirty one so if I say I don’t like it and let me not use it or if I say I don’t like the kitchen; then it won’t be called a house. Point is, every facility in the house has its own importance. In the same way, every course has its own importance in contributing to the benefit of the society.

Remember this truth and get the understanding of what it is said in Ecclesiastes 9:10, MSG. May I pray that this may help you to shake some walls of ignorance in your heart and mind.

2. Fear of communication in English and fear of expressing themselves – Students, whom i had met with mostly they are carrying fear that they are not confident talking fluently in English and they chose not to try talking in English at all. Let me break the wall of ignorance you guys carry here. Yes, ignorance has blinded our eyes.

The story goes something like this, when a kid born he won’t immediately walk, talk or do all chores on his own. He initially cries and cries – nobody understands infants cry, except the mom. Then when the infant grow he/she talks small words. They start with crawling, after years of practising it one day they stand and start walking few steps.

It is the same case when we born in English. I mean English is not our native language. To all students – we are all born in English. Let us not carry expectations that we should speak fluently immediately. It is like expecting the small infant to talk fluently. No it’s not like that. Infants keep on try/exercise to talk and to walk. Same is the case for those who born in English language, we got to keep on exercise by talking it out. Don’t give it up, think of the infants and learn from them. We don’t give up when kids can’t pronounce their mother name or dad’s name. They fumble, still they try again. They don’t carry shame in their hearts when they fumble. They don’t say that’s it, it is over. They just crawl and crawl and one fine day they stand and walk. It is all something like that being born in English.

Read it and re-read it till you get the crux of what I mean.

Joseph Teja

Unfathomable Gift

In history generally we celebrate birthdays of eminent people not their death day. No country in the history has celebrated its celebrity’s or religious guru’s or a great scientist’s or even any politician’s “Death” as a good day. They counted it as “Great Loss” to their nation.

Ironically, in history, only Christ’s death on the cross counted it as a “Good day”. Ohh!! What a contrast?? Why is it called as a Good day? They didn’t name the birth of Christ as Good day but his death as a good day. Guys just think, isn’t it something special there??

Yes there is so much special in it. Let me help you here to understand this why is “Good Friday” is Good Friday!

We got our situation something like as said by Isaiah

All of us, like sheep, have strayed away. We have left God’s paths to follow our own. Yet the lord laid on him the sins of us all. Isaiah 53:6

My friend Thomas Skaria beautifully puts it like this: In today’s society, the heart of the problem is the problem of the heart.

When we carefully read both the lines above, we realise there is something wrong with our heart, so we never follow the paths of God. We deserve punishment and doomed to destruction. But God in all His supreme mercy, He took our sins, shame, sickness upon Him to give us life with Him.

I like how John said this in John 12:24

Very truly I tell you, unless a kernel of wheat falls to the ground and dies, it remains only a single seed. But if it dies, it produces many seeds.

We all know this principle. It is the law of nature. We bury seeds, water it. It will grow as tree and give many fruits with same seeds.

Same thing happened on the cross on Good Friday. Jesus died to make us heirs of God’s kingdom. He died so that we can live as sons and daughters of the great Creator God.

On the cross Jesus said, it is finished. Everything under the sun to be done to wash away the sins of humanity was executed on Christ. It is finished. You and I no need to struggle anymore to join the family of God. We got to believe and accept the finished work of God and unite in His family.

I wonder why still many in their ignorance trying to do so much to compensate for the wrong things of their lives. It is finished. Isn’t it so good? Therefore the death of Christ on Calvary is good, that may we join the family of God.

Read this again and re-read it till you get it. May I pray that you may get understand what it is the unfathomable love of the creator God who has created us in His own image and likeness.


Joseph Teja

Paradigm Shift in Transport Planning

Transportation planning is shifting from “mobility-based” to “accessibility-based” analysis which recognizes a wider range of factors that affect people’s ability to reach desired services and activities. For example, with mobility-based planning the preferred solution to traffic congestion is to expand roads so people can drive faster, but accessibility-based analysis also considers improving alternative modes, more compact and mixed development, more connected transport networks, and telecommunications that substitutes for physical travel. 

Each day around the world, millions of urban residents walk, bike, drive, bus, and metro to their destinations. This sets off an uncoordinated ballet of movement. Brookings’s Moving to Access Initiative looks at innovative policies, tools, and techniques that can help ensure that all people—regardless of income or demography—get where they need to go.

So this leaves in me a thought that the future GoI initiatives and decisions will revolve around Comprehensive Accessibility Plans  (CAPs). Let us prepare ahead for this upcoming task.


Joseph Teja

Story & Stats of ECOLIFE – an Electric Bus

ECOLIFE, a full electric bus, was unveiled at 13th Auto Expo in February 2016. ECOLIFE is a zero emission vehicle (ZEV) powered by lithium batteries, which are fast charging and runs up to 200 kms daily for city bus operation. This vehicle can also run on plug-in charging mode. The full electric bus will be tagged at about Rs 3 crore but running costs would be a fifth of buses running on conventional fuel options.

“The payback period for this bus is 4-5 years compared to 5-7 years for a conventional bus.”

Over a period of 10 years, savings from ECOLIFE 100% electric is estimated to be around 1150 equivalent tonnes of CO2 / 420,000 litres of diesel per bus, JBM Solaris claimed.

Savings stats by one electric bus (100%):

Time Frame

in years

Savings in equivalent tonnes of CO2 emissions / bus Savings in diesel litres/bus Savings in Rs Chandigarh Diesel Price = 56.31 Rs/Ltr (Most Recent price change date: Saturday, October 15, 2016)
10 1150 4,20,000 2,36,50,200
1 115 42,000 23,65,020

With one electric bus (100%) public transport operator can save around Rs 24 lakhs, 42 thousand litres and 115 equivalent tonnes of CO2 for one year.

For further understanding, here is a case for comparison between  DTC Electric Vs CNG buses.dtc-electric-vs-cng


The Economic Times, 2016

My Petrol Price

Times of India, 2016