Story & Stats of ECOLIFE – an Electric Bus

ECOLIFE, a full electric bus, was unveiled at 13th Auto Expo in February 2016. ECOLIFE is a zero emission vehicle (ZEV) powered by lithium batteries, which are fast charging and runs up to 200 kms daily for city bus operation. This vehicle can also run on plug-in charging mode. The full electric bus will be tagged at about Rs 3 crore but running costs would be a fifth of buses running on conventional fuel options.

“The payback period for this bus is 4-5 years compared to 5-7 years for a conventional bus.”

Over a period of 10 years, savings from ECOLIFE 100% electric is estimated to be around 1150 equivalent tonnes of CO2 / 420,000 litres of diesel per bus, JBM Solaris claimed.

Savings stats by one electric bus (100%):

Time Frame

in years

Savings in equivalent tonnes of CO2 emissions / bus Savings in diesel litres/bus Savings in Rs Chandigarh Diesel Price = 56.31 Rs/Ltr (Most Recent price change date: Saturday, October 15, 2016)
10 1150 4,20,000 2,36,50,200
1 115 42,000 23,65,020

With one electric bus (100%) public transport operator can save around Rs 24 lakhs, 42 thousand litres and 115 equivalent tonnes of CO2 for one year.

For further understanding, here is a case for comparison between  DTC Electric Vs CNG buses.dtc-electric-vs-cng


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