Lets get it right!

Ability to make choice, specially which course to choose after 12th class/B.Tech, fear of communicating in English, and fear of expressing themselves are the issues I heard repeatedly from students  when I meet with them. I dealt these issues – using law of nature and my personal experiences.

Off late, I realised to give it a thought of writing about these issues, so next time after finishing my talk with students, I can suggest them to go back to this resource material. Hence here are my efforts.

1. Making Choices – It is about which course to choose; I totally agree with you man having this uncertainty about it. Don’t worry; let’s see how it goes here.

At first, let me ask you – what is it your goal? – may your answer is so and so………………… I mean in the end you want to see yourself as a successful man/woman. Is it right? So you have to make choices which will lead you to the pinnacle of success.

For this here you need to understand a few laws – especially take any profession or any field, what its ultimate purpose? Take any profession, it is nothing but benefiting to the society we live around, I mean to the people, improving their quality and dignity of life. Is it right? How much you will be at peace when you internalise this truth. Ignorance of this truth/lack of understanding this will lead us to have a miserable life.

So you have to connect to this truth or vision. This is the core thing; it’s about people: not about ourselves. We study, we work – we live lives here contributing to the society. My point is, you will live a miserable life, even after getting the course you like to be in but still end up not knowing the purpose of life. You have to align all your goals and desires to this truth/vision/purpose.

There is no this thing called one single path to reach out to this truth/vision. We live in a society changing dynamically, people and there choices are dynamic. Let me tell you what the Bible says – Whatever turns up, grab it and do it. And heartily! This is your last and only chance at it, For there’s neither work to do nor thoughts to think In the company of the dead, where you’re most certainly headed. (Ecclesiastes 9:10, MSG)

So do not stick to the age old thought, if I go like this I will be a successful person. Whatever is the course/work you may get in or you may be the course you’re already into it – do it with all your heart and strength. Success will follow after you.

We all know very well bout Wright brothers who invented Air plane. You know they are not from Aeronautics background; they did job-printing and published several short-lived local newspapers. They were having a press before inventing Air plane. (https://airandspace.si.edu/exhibitions/wright-brothers/online/who/1889/printers.cfm)

Micheal Farady, he worked in a book company in London with virtually no formal education but became a great inventor. There are so many like this.

Every time i met with students they asks me like this – will I be successful if I take this course? I tell them the story I had heard from a good friend of mine. He told me this when I had questions like this – He said, if you take any house – it has hall, kitchen, bed room, wash room etc. A house is complete when it has all of this. Let say, the wash room is the dirty one so if I say I don’t like it and let me not use it or if I say I don’t like the kitchen; then it won’t be called a house. Point is, every facility in the house has its own importance. In the same way, every course has its own importance in contributing to the benefit of the society.

Remember this truth and get the understanding of what it is said in Ecclesiastes 9:10, MSG. May I pray that this may help you to shake some walls of ignorance in your heart and mind.

2. Fear of communication in English and fear of expressing themselves – Students, whom i had met with mostly they are carrying fear that they are not confident talking fluently in English and they chose not to try talking in English at all. Let me break the wall of ignorance you guys carry here. Yes, ignorance has blinded our eyes.

The story goes something like this, when a kid born he won’t immediately walk, talk or do all chores on his own. He initially cries and cries – nobody understands infants cry, except the mom. Then when the infant grow he/she talks small words. They start with crawling, after years of practising it one day they stand and start walking few steps.

It is the same case when we born in English. I mean English is not our native language. To all students – we are all born in English. Let us not carry expectations that we should speak fluently immediately. It is like expecting the small infant to talk fluently. No it’s not like that. Infants keep on try/exercise to talk and to walk. Same is the case for those who born in English language, we got to keep on exercise by talking it out. Don’t give it up, think of the infants and learn from them. We don’t give up when kids can’t pronounce their mother name or dad’s name. They fumble, still they try again. They don’t carry shame in their hearts when they fumble. They don’t say that’s it, it is over. They just crawl and crawl and one fine day they stand and walk. It is all something like that being born in English.

Read it and re-read it till you get the crux of what I mean.

Joseph Teja