Identifying the ‘purpose’

One Saturday evening, Sam (the drummer) and I both were at VYK. Along with other members of GCLC worship team, we were doing run through of all the songs for Sunday worship. For some reason, I appreciated Sam playing drums and immediately he replied me – Joe, “When I play drums, the symbols talk to me and in return, I talk to them back.” That was an eye opening for me. I picked it from that conversation and stored it in my heart. A few weeks later, I was walking home from office and thinking about congestion on roads, thinking about how to solve the issues related to transport that this society is facing? All of a sudden, I landed on this thought – for Sam, the symbols are talking to him and for me the traffic infrastructure & transportation planning problems in the society are talking to me. After all, I found myself struggling to talk back to those problems.

For Peter, my friend – it is terrace gardening. He talks and he thinks on ways how to use the household waste to create these gardens. He invest his time and resources to know it and to try it.What about you?

Find out what is one area in your life that is talking to you while you are alone or walking and in return where you are struggling to talk back. Build communication bridges between you and those elements that are talking to you. Spend time, talk to them. Connect yourself with this good thing that is disturbing you. Once you start this, trust me you will find so many things coming on your way and talking to you.

On a mathematical note, ‘a line is an integral of many dots’. Connecting all these dots; the dots that are talking to you will create purpose of your life. This is what about – Identifying the ‘purpose’ through building communication bridges with the dots.


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