General of the Army!

Once after our Sunday church service, I was coming home with my youth pastor in his car. While we were talking couple of things, he asked me a question. Teja, whose preachings do you like to listen? I’ve replied him without any second thought, – Pastor, I like my preaching. Everyone in the car laughed at what I said! Yes of-course, no one expect that kind of answer. At that time I was unable to express them clearly why I like my preaching? I just tried explaining them that, whenever I preach, I do feel like living waters flowing from my heart.

Before my preachings, I do think structuring what I like to talk, i spend time to think on how to un-complicate the complicate? Also, in my preaching I use these elements– like the kind of God we serve and the kind of who we are as per Bible. When people know who the kind of God they serve or who they are as per Bible, their faith will be kindled. These thoughts I enjoy them very much in my preparation.

But off late, I got more add-on to these gems. It is looking at pastors as General of the Army! Let me tell you, I like to watch movies on mission oriented especially any movie involves US Navy SEALS operations, rescue missions and sniper movies etc. These movies have helped me to understand couple of things very clearly. Before sending the army for combat or any rescue operation, the top leader will sit and discuss with his team and place the blue print of the mission before them. And then the army guys goes to the field to execute the mission. People from the base station constantly keep the communication open for the army fighting on the ground in enemy provinces.

My analogy here is, people in the church are the army who goes into the world and fight their life battles. Pastors are like the generals who lead this army from the base station which is church. You get 20-35 minutes of time to place your blue print of the mission. Treat the time you get as so precious and prepare yourself for it! May, I request you pastors to take time to think upon who you are and the kind of responsibility you carry. To God, the Lord of Armies alone is the Glory!


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