Important question by a buddy mathematician!

Chandan is my friend in Delhi and a buddy mathematician who wrote his introduction lines on face book as – “a boy want to dig more as he can and to prove himself by proving certain theorem.” So after reading his introductory lines you might have some opinions like – he is geeky mathematician. Yes indeed he is proves and a geek holding good understanding in mathematics. This chap, posted on 24th September, 2016 the following message – #ImportantQuestion. Let’s check it out.


I felt like, let me give my take on this. So I quickly penned down these lines and written to him. I hope this will inspire many students out there.

All right! Let me share with you my understanding on this and I wish it will help your understanding too.

So do you know, who are the beneficiaries of our studies or the projects we do? I mean whatever is the subject we study or whatever is the project we do –It is the people or the community we live in are the beneficiaries of our efforts and our talents. It is not about an individual, it is about the society.

Through our studies and our projects we contribute something to this society. Let me say that element something as “X”. And I wish that “X” = productive good thing that may happened to the society.

Many young people are living their lives not fully knowing that their studies or projects are so important. They feel bored to study or to do their projects and end up contributing less productive things to the society at least in India; we know India is the top nation having highest percentage young people. Economic Times, Nov 2014

So question here is – how I landed on this understanding? What has inspired me to think like this?

It is the BIBLE, which constantly taught me about God the Love. It says – For God so loved the world and gave his only begotten son that who so ever believes in Him will not perish but have eternal life.”

What it mean? It means – God so loved the world (including everyone under the sun); God loves people – from every race and ethnicity. He loves people irrespective of color or culture. 

And the same Bible has asked me to love my neighbor as myself. The God, whom I serve, is a God who loves people and he has asked me to love my fellow neighbor as myself. So when I started loving people or loving the community around I live in that is when I realized this man!! That all the knowledge I got from my studies, the projects I do, that talents I carry are ideally should benefit people. Because again I say; I serve a God who loves people. The game here is about people my brother. Let’s play it for the people.

Take care.


Joseph Teja


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