I have a suggestion

Hello people, “I have a suggestion!!” is a letter to Indian Primie Minister Shri Narendra Modi ji, as he requested the nation to give suggestions on what to speak for this Independence Day #2016. So here I gathered couple of thoughts and written to him. I hope you will find something down the lines to re-read this post!

Dear Mr Prime Minister,

Thank you for giving me this opportunity!

I read this in a journal of a powerful leader saying this, “My people are perishing having lack of knowledge” which I see as the right concern that every leader should have!

I am an Urban Transport Planner; I see this in our nation, people breaking law and rules in their day to day lives. We have policies, we have law, we have rules to obey but people here in our nation take them for granted putting safety, environment and culture of this nation (in fact every strength of our nation)  in danger.

Sir, my concern is, if ever the people in our nation has taken serious of every policy, rule and law made by our government and if ever they stand by with them (with the policies, rules and laws made by the government) our nation would have been the most powerful nation on earth.

Sir finally let me share with you what John F Kennedy; the late president of United States gave a call to his people. He told them, “Ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country”

I wish may these words will ring in ears of every citizen of this nation for this Independence Day #2016.

Love you, thank you and God bless.


Joseph Teja

Urban Transport Planner


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