Take away!

I didn’t know what’s the life ahead has in hold for me; as I landed in an unknown land this year! But standing at this point and looking back, past one year I’ve made many new good friends at my new work station in Delhi and Chandigarh. This year, I have connected with people from my professional circle, family friends in USA, Rock Revolution (Mensang and Tony), EU Friends, Pulse Team (Tare Jammen Par) and friends from the church here in Chandigarh. This entire list has reminded me that my territory has been extended. I thank God for who has brought in all these new people in my life.

I heard from someone saying, no one cross our paths accidently, rather God has brought them for a purpose. I believe this – God is a great orchestrator and He never make a mistake. We cross each other paths to acknowledge, to listen, to learn, to build each other, to share with one another, to fight together for good, to forgive each other, to encourage, and to bid farewells etc.

Let me show you the other side of the coin – what did I do with my existing friendships. I have invested my life not in all the lives of my old friends but yes in a few of them (as my capacity permits- in all dimensions). I loved them, spend time with them, travelled together, had fun, pulled each other legs, had intense discussions, we prayed together and encouraged each other!

Out of all my friendships what outstands is my friendship with mom. We talk everyday on phone, we talk mundane things, I listen everyday she saying to me to do all my daily chores – like read my Bible, pray to God, start your day with God, go to church, and first give to God after receiving salary (though sometimes tough) etc. She never tired or bored of saying them to me. In initially days I got bored, even frustrated listening to the same repetitive words from my mother but I realized soon the importance of reminding essential things again and again. Like how my vertical relationship with God defines my relationship with my fellow people; how my heavenly view decides my earthly view. Mom is the hidden instrumental in many of my successes. She is one of my good friends in my life who continuously made efforts to lead me towards Christ at times when I walked through the deep valleys.

Mom and I; we laughed together, prayed together, reasoned together. Many a times she told me this one – Joe, I am praying to God to give me His wisdom to behave with you as a Mom, as a teacher, as a friend. So proud and privileged to have Sarala as Mom and a good friend. Thank God for Mom. #TheLion #HeavenlyCollector #SaralaDevi #AmmaJoe (I call her by these names). Lol, I am not writing the secret code word of my mother – which Maverick knows it well 🙂

Happy Friendship day! May this note inspires you to build and handle friendships in your life! God bless!!

“Friends who pray together will stay together!”


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