Giant Killer

Eureka of the day! If I become a professor, in Urban Planning – students, get ready for exciting classes and projects. I believe in arts and music – I will give you projects to shoot videos on reports – to make a film that can easily grasped by common people of our nation; I will ask you to make song out of a particular concept that will benefits people around the globe. If you are good at arts, let’s do some place making strategies, make some music, make some noise – I want the class to be dynamic, energetic, – full of Eurekas 🙂 🙂 . 

I like to fuel up your already existing talents, to kill the giant problems of our society. You are good enough to solve these issues. Trust this, you are good enough to be a giant killer, .  All you need is – one right opportunity to your amazing talent, to hit right into the bull’s eye. So get ready for this exciting time, will meet you soon in our class dear.




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