My views on ‘RETIREMENT’

There came this nice tea in a disposable white small cup, I stood with my DTP (N) and had it slowly sip by sip. While I was drinking, I thought to say a few words to Satpal ji on his retirement. Quickly, I searched in my mind and prepared this message. I didn’t know the Chief Architect, UT Chandigarh will be there in that function.

But any ways, I prayed to God to enable me to share these words. When my time has come, I started saying “Dear Satpal sir, the words I am sharing now are not just for you, but for all of us.” One day we also will go through this phase, so these words meant to all of us.

So sir, may I plead you, that let not this retirement function is the end to the capacity of knowledge that you carry, which can solve hundreds of issues of today’s society. In one of the books I read like this, “he who closes his ears to the cry of the poor will also not be heard when he cry.”

My point is, let not this retirement shuts the doors of your knowledge to solve the problems of our society. I want you to keep open your eyes, ears and heart to the cry of our society and respond to it in the capacity you do have. Retirement is not the end to the fire you carry. The fire you carry is your knowledge, which can solve hundreds of our society’s issues. God bless.


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